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At ECC we believe everyone has the potential to have an awesome career
We developed programs for individuals of any academic level and work experience

Find Your Career Fit

  • Job recommendations
  • Updates about new certifications to improve your qualifications

Land the Right Job

  • Interview preparation services
  • Post interview tips to help you secure a position

Applications & Resumes

  • Resume writing services
  • Applications to 50+ vacancies on your behalf


ECC started in June 2016 when we discovered that many job seekers were making similar mistakes during their job applications and interviews. As a career consulting company, we aim to help our clients become the candidates employers are looking for. We offer help through all stages of job acquisition starting with interview construction. Our client base ranges from High School students to Post Graduate degree holders.

We offer services to
Individuals holding Canadian degrees
Canadian residents holding international degrees
Non-Canadian residents holding international degrees
Canadian high school students and graduates
Canadian university/college undergraduate students


Here is what our clients think:

Yomi, New Jersey

"Back in June 2017 ECC helped me create my resume from scratch after consulting with them. I had worked in a Lagos for a small entertainment company. I got 4 internship offers at Major entertainment companies in New York City. I am still surprised because till this day I get call backs within a week of my applications"

Kyle, Toronto

"I am fresh University graduate and in December 2017 Earl Career Consulting helped me build my resume and applied to jobs for me. One of the jobs I wanted was the Heineken international graduate program. Early February 2018, I received an email from Heineken International that I am proceeding to the next level. I the only one of all my friends who got invited to the next level. They have prepared me for the next step and I am very excited about the future"

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